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April Campout

Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 7:53am

Troop 457 April Campout (AKA: the "alternative" campout),  4/25 to 4/27 @Stonehaven:  If you are planning to attend, please fill out the permission slip and bring it & $20/scout payment (checks payable to Troop 457) to the April 23rd Troop meeting.  Questions? Contact Mr. Fuller or Mr. Spengler

Potential Troop 457 Email List Problems

Posted on Apr 8 2014 - 8:48am

Due to changes spam filtering at Yahoo, the Troop 457 Email List is experiencing some delays and interruption of service. For full details, please read the attached message.
In a nutshell: if you have a yahoo.com email account included in the Troop 457 Email List (or any @bsa457.org mailing list), you may not be able to send to or receive from the list. While our web host SOAR is working on correcting this issue, there are a couple things we can do to ensure your emails go out to the list: (1) make your email messages include a "signature line" to all emails with your contact information; (2) avoid sending from Yahoo email accounts if at all possible. Please let me know if you have an alternate email address that you would like added to everyone – in place of or in addition to your Yahoo email account; and (3) be sure to check the Troop website for messages and updates.

Resources for Scouts and Adult planning a Troop 457 weekend activity

Posted on Apr 7 2014 - 4:18pm

New! 4/2014 Resources for planning a weekend activity:  Mr. Spengler has put together several documents that to aid planning a Troop 457 weekend activity. They can be found in the Forms/Troop Resources tab to the left or follow the links below

March Campout Recap!

Posted on Apr 4 2014 - 7:21am

Troop 457 -
Was that a crazy camp out or what?!
While we've had some challenging weather conditions over the years, I don't think we've had quite so varied a trip since I have been associated with the Troop.  We had a little bit of something for everyone: overcast and 40ish, some rain as the temperature fell, sleet as the temperatures continued down, and finally SNOW.  I am never surprised by the variety we get on our outings, but I must say this one took the cake!
Those Scouts who took tents home, please make sure that you open them up and dry them out well before returning them.  No one wants to sleep in a wet, musty smelling tent!  Everyone consider your fellow Scouts and treat the tents as though they were your own to be cared for at least as well as you would at home.

For those who weren't there and haven't heard yet, we seem to have some Scout cooking trash talk going on between a couple of older Scouts and that can only mean one thing in the end; better meals for everyone.  We may be on our way to a Bobbie Flay-style throwdown between Ian and CJ to which we all say, Can we be the judges?

A little friendly competition among our Scouts is great for morale and improving skills all around.  If you want to test your cooking skills and pit them against the best of 457, maybe it's time for a cooking competition campout.  Whadda ya say?

IF you are up for a new kind of "alternative" campout, let's think about this.

As always,
Yours in Scouting ,
Mr. Wilson

Useful Troop Forms

Posted on Apr 3 2014 - 2:33pm

Are you looking for the Individual Tent Inventory Form to turn in with your clean & dry tent? or for the Expense Reimbursement Form to take care of the food you bought for the last campout? Follow the links provided...  or take a look in the "Forms/Troop Resources" tab to the left.

White Buffalo

Posted on Apr 2 2014 - 8:53am

A quick reminder that we have invited the folks from the White Buffalo program to come and explain it to our troop at the Weds 4/2 meeting. If you are considering participating in White Buffalo training this season, I urge you to make every effort to attend the troop meeting. This is great training and preparation as you develop your leadership skills as a Scout, so consider attending the training this season. Yours in Scouting, Mr. Wilson

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